Pexip Desktop Clients 1.5.1

Welcome to version 1.5.1 of the next generation of Pexip clients.

Download for your platform

Please contact your support representative if you have any difficulties with these builds

Important Information for Windows Users

We are currently migrating our certificates for the Windows installer over to EV certificates and as such Windows defender may flag this installation.

Information for macOS Catalina users

This dmg installer for macOS has been notarized by Apple and should be compatible with the increased security restrictions in Catalina.


c2ac008b67a28ab30a1b7223b5daf7a3  pexip-infinity-connect_1.5.1-50296.45.13_win32-x64.msi
7248d53db79e8b4db9304d1faf45c6fc  pexip-infinity-connect_1.5.1-50296.45.32_darwin-x64.dmg
f773f5facd295e4a3b0ec2311358515a  pexip-infinity-connect_1.5.1-50296.45.32_linux-x64.deb
52573149eaa42e02d84bc79fb44474ae  pexip-infinity-connect_1.5.1-50296.45.32_linux-x64.tgz